Hard Metal Jackhammer

Hard metal jackhammer – Emission no63

micHard Metal Jackhammertoday08/02/2023

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    Hard metal jackhammer - Emission no63 Hard Metal Jackhammer


-MANZER (Pictavia) « Hard Metal Jackhammer » 4,12 min. en générique
-IRON KOBRA (Allemagne) “Malicious Magician” 4,31 min.
-IESCHURE (Ukraine) « The Kingdom Of Shades » 6,05 min.
-WAR RIPPER (U.S.A.) “Trust What You Know” 1,59 min.
-OROBAS (Bangladesh / Allemagne) “Upholding The Asuric Traditions” 4,48 min.
-STAR RIDER (France) “Too Fast To Die” 3,14 min.
-RAMPAGE (Australie) “Acid Storm” 5,03 min.
-BLACK GOAT (Russie) “Venefica” 4,04 min.
-STAR STAR (U.S.A.) “The Love Drag Years” 3,10 min.
-CAUCHEMAR (Québec) “La Sorcière” 6,07 min.
-XORSIST (Suède) « Deadly Possession » 4,06 min.
-EJECUTOR (Chili) « Armaggedon » 6,04 min.
-WARNING (France) « Tel Que Tu L’Imaginais » 5,39 min.
-DEATHLY SCYTHE (Chili / Allemagne) « Heaven’s Demise » 3,05 min.
-IRON CURTAIN (Espagne) « Rattlesnake » 3,41 min.
-MANZER (Pictavia) “Hard Metal Jackhammer” 4,12 min. en générique.

Of course, we’d like to thank our Partners in Crimes: Shaxul Manzer (MANZER / THE LAST OATH / AYYUR / CONTAMINATION / CLAMOR IN TENEBRIS & SHAXUL), Fabien Pinneteau & ROUGH Times, May Witchhammer (the Demonic ink…), Johannes Chn (DESTRUKTION Records / BESTIAL DESECRATION ‘Zine / MORBID FAITH Newsletter), SONJA, Pascal Clair Raskal & STEEL SHARK Records (666 Support!!!), Lucie Luch K (Heavy Metal…), Florent Pailler & THE LAST OATH (Hellcome in the cosmic Horrors!), Basti Pissnelke & SPHINX (Evil Speed Metal Maniacs!!!), Clarisse Guillemin (Take care of yourself!), Melalykat Melandtrolls & Katalys Piercing, Gianpietro Sepulchral, Seb Flemal, Joh Turbot & SEPULCHRAL VOICES (Evil Maniacs!), Florent Brunet-Manquat & SACRAL NIGHT (d’Ombre et de Lumière…), Flo & DYING VICTIMS Productions, Neyra & EVIL DAMN (Into the Abyss…), Justin & HELL’S HEADBANGERS Records, Chris Yong & DRACONIS INFERNUM (somewhere in SingaHell…), Juan Sanchez (OLDGOAT / WARFARE NOISE), Kaos Morto (the Hellish pen…), Lukas & NUCLEAR WINTER ‘Zine, Chris Baron (Radio…), Christelle Weber & Adrien Weber (somewhere in Hellgium…), Thomas Orfanik, Fabian Arzt & INSULTER (Thrash ’em All!!!), Bastien Bresolin & METAL IS THE LAW (to The Last!), Fabien Gouthéraud (ARS FUNEBRIS Records / HATE & MURDER Productions), AN Dres (OPHICVS / LUCERA & ELEKTROMORT), Juan Carlos AR (DEATH INVOKER / LEGION OF TORTURE ‘Zine), Juan Tyrant Inquissitor & Eyaculator Ec Horde, Yanis Le Hardos, Raf Diy & EMERGENCY Radio show, Jean Marc Blasphemy and Fabien Cuny (the Demonic Boss!).
This issue is dedicated to the Memory of Dan Goujon (Avé TORK RAN!!! Avé THE LAST TOMB!!!)…
« Dust rose above the plains, harvesting has begun
Horizon roars as a storm of pain, blood is maskin’ the sun… »

Durée : 01h57’18

Première diffusion le 08/02/2023

Hard Metal Jackhammer